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Access and Hours

There is no public access to the museum and its collections. The MVZ administrative office is open Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 am -12 pm and 1 pm -5 pm.

Public Access

The Museum is primarily a research facility and is closed to the public. There are no regular tours given or exhibits displayed within the Museum. However, there are public displays directly outside the Museum and in the two adjoining hallways of the Valley Life Sciences Building.

In addition, we are open to the public with special displays during Cal Day.

Researcher Access

Admission and use is granted to research scientists, graduate students, and other visitors with a scientific interest in the collections. Access to the collections is only by appointment and during administrative hours. Special arrangements may be made with individual Curators at their discretion for use of the collections during evenings and weekends. Requests to visit the collections should be made to the appropriate staff curator at:

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California
3101 Valley Life Sciences Building
Berkeley, California 94720-3160 USA

Phone: (510) 642-3567
Fax: (510) 643-8238

Student Access

Access to the collections for graduate students is by appointment only, please contact the appropriate curator.

For undergraduates, there are several classes on campus that either give short tours of the Museum, or use some of its collections for teaching. For more information, see
Classes and Undergraduate Opportunities.

Prof Eileen Lacey

Professors and Graduate students on campus can request a tour for their UCB class.

Please complete the MVZ Tour Request Form to request a tour for your class.

Ideally, we should be contacted at the beginning of the semester. We will not consider tour requests with less than a month's advance notice.

Classes over 15 people will need to be split up into smaller sections for the tour and will require multiple tour guides.

Staff curators are in charge of pulling and reinstalling specimens, and we have limited staff resources, so please consider that when requesting a tour.

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