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Faculty Curators and Affiliated Faculty in the MVZ hold positions in the departments of Integrative Biology and ESPM, where they offer a variety of classes and seminars in vertebrate biology, evolution, and conservation. Students are exposed to key biological concepts and are taught to look at the animal world with a scientific mind. In the classroom, students evaluate scientific journal articles, discuss ideas and experimental design, and learn critical biological thinking.

Many of these classes have labs that take advantage of the extensive MVZ collections to train students in animal diversity, identification, and comparative morphology. A number of classes also require local or regional field trips that provide students with hands-on experience in animal observation and methods of field biology. These trips take advantage of the extensive East Bay Regional Park and UC Natural Reserve systems, which span a variety of distinct habitat types that support a diverse vertebrate fauna.

List of Classes
IB 104 Natural History of the Vertebrates 3 units
IB 104L Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory 2 units
IB 130 Evolutionary and Functional Vertebrate Morphology 4 units
IB 130L Laboratory in Evolutionary and Funct. Vert. Morphology 2 units
IB 137 General Endocrinology 4 units
IB C144 Animal Behavior 4 units
IB 146 Behavioral Ecology 3 units
IB 149 Molecular Approaches to Behavior and Ecology 3 units
IB C156 Principles of Conservation Biology 3 units
IB 160 Evolution 4 units
IB 166 Evolutionary Biogeography 4 units
IB 173 Mammalogy 2 units
IB 173L Mammalogy Laboratory 3 units
IB 174 Ornithology 2 units
IB 174L Ornithology Laboratory 2 units
IB 175 Herpetology 2 units
IB 175L Herpetology Laboratory 2 units
IB 198 General Comparison and Diversity in Vertebrate Anatomy 1 unit
IB 234 Seminar on Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles 1 unit
IB 264 Seminar in Evolutionary Biology of the Vertebrates 1 unit
IB 291 Museum and Field Techniques in Vertebrate Natural History 1 units
ESPM 114 Wildlife Ecology 3 units

Be sure to look at the Berkeley General Catalog as well for up-to-date class listings.

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