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Digital Media Studio

The MVZ Digitial Multimedia Studio is a facility for processing and archiving visual and sound media pertaining to MVZ research. Some examples of typical MVZ media include: video footage of animal behavior; photo records of habitats, field sites, and field trips; sound recordings of animal vocalizations; and videotaped interviews with current or past MVZ personalities to document the Museum's history.

This facility includes the MVZ Laboratory of Natural Sounds, which was established ca. 1975 and houses the Museum's collection of analog sound recordings. A Pentium computer is equipped with specialized software for sound acquisition and analysis (RTSD and SIGNAL; RAVEN). Limited audio equipment is available for use by MVZ researchers on a check-out basis. Individuals interested in using the lab for sound analysis should contact Dr. Carla Cicero.

A studio for analyzing digital video media was established in 2002 to facilitate behavioral research by MVZ faculty and students. This facility consists of a high-speed Apple G4 computer with CD and DVD burners, File Cut Pro editing software, a DV-VHS deck for dubbing digital video (DV) tapes to VHS and vice versa, a converter box for converting analog signal to digital and vice versa, a Sony Digital-8 camcorder, and a Nikon 4500 digital still camera. The goal of the studio is to provide enough flexibility for MVZers to accomplish their goals pertaining to media analysis, preservation, presentation, and publishing. Individuals who want access to this facility should contact Dr. Chris Conroy.

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