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General Inquiries

call: (510) 642-3567
fax: (510) 643-8238

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California
3101 Valley Life Sciences Building
Berkeley, California  94720-3160  USA

Who to Contact for What

    *DirectorNachman, Michael
    AdministrativeMagill, Carlie
    Archival CollectionsFidler, Christina
    Biodiversity Informatics & GIS LabKoo, Michelle
    Bird CollectionsCicero, Carla
    Bird CollectionsBowie, Rauri
    Evolutionary Genetics LabSmith, Lydia
    Hastings Natural History ReserveHunter, Jennifer
    Herpetology CollectionsSpencer, Carol L.
    Herpetology CollectionsMcGuire, Jimmy A.
    Human Evolution Research CenterWhite, Tim D.
    Mammal CollectionsConroy, Christopher J.
    Mammal CollectionsLacey, Eileen A.
    Mammal CollectionsPatton, James L.
    Preparation LabBarclay, Theresa

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Administrative Staff
Affiliated Faculty
Affiliated Graduate Students
Affiliated Researchers
Collections & Research Staff
Faculty Curators
Graduate Students
Hastings Staff
Museum & Field Assistants
Postdocs and Visiting Scholars
Software Engineering

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