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Affiliated Faculty

Beissinger, Steven
Professor (Dept. ESPM)
(510) 643-3038
Conservation biology; behavioral and population ecology.
Brashares, Justin
Associate Professor (Dept. ESPM)
(510) 643-6080
Dudley, Robert
Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
(510) 642-1555
Biomechanics, energetics, and evolution of animal flight, particularly in insects and hummingbirds.
Eisen, Michael
Associate Professor (Molecular and Cell Biology & Dept. Biophysics & LBL)
(510) 666-3640
Computational and experimental genomic approaches to study regulation of gene expression.
Hayes, Tyrone
Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
(510) 643-1054
Developmental endocrinology of anuran amphibians.
Hlusko, Leslea
Associate Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
(510) 643-8838
Mammalian skeletal variation and evolution
Huelsenbeck, John
Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology) & Research Phylogeneticist
(510) 643-5890
Analytical methods for inferring relationships of organisms and examining patterns of sequence variation for signatures of molecular evolution
McCullough, Dale
Professor Emeritus (Dept. ESPM)
(510) 642-8462
Social behavior and population ecology of ungulates and kangaroos.
Nielsen, Rasmus
Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
(510) 643-4993
Statistical and computational methods and their applications in population and medical genetics, molecular ecology and evolution.
Rosenblum, Erica Bree
Asst. Professor (Dept. ESPM)
(510) 642-2108
Evolutionary biology, ecological genomics, global change biology, herpetology
Wake, Marvalee H.
Professor of the Graduate School (Dept. Integrative Biology) and Research Morphologist
(510) 642-4743
Evolutionary morphology; vertebrate reproductive biology.
Wang, Ian
Assistant Professor (Dept. ESPM)
(510) 664-4684
Landscape genetics, landscape ecology, ecological and conservation genomics.
White, Tim D.
Professor & Director of the Human Evolution Research Center
(510) 642-2889
Evolutionary biology of hominoid primates, particularly African hominids; human skeletal biology and zooarchaeology.
Whiteman, Noah
Associate Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
(510) 664-7545
The origin of new species, traits and the maintenance of functional genetic variation in populations.

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