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Affiliated Researchers

Dickinson, Janis
Professor of Citizen Science, The Cornell Lab; Professor of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Bird and insect behavior; avian conservation biology, citizen science
Edwards, Danielle
Assistant Professor, School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
Integrative evolutionary biology and conservation genetics
Frank, Laurence
Director Laikipia Predator Project
(510) 848-0418
Conservation and ecology of large African predators
Hijmans, Robert
Associate Professor, UC Davis
Ecological modeling, DIVA-GIS, agricultural geography, biodiversity conservation, climate change
Leache, Adam
Assistant Professor, Curator of Genetic Resources and Herpetology, UWashington
systematics, phylogenetics, phylogeography, population genetics, and species delimitation
Mindell, David
Former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan; Former Dean and Curator, California Academy of Sciences
Biodiversity Science, Systematics, and Conservation Biology
Moritz, Craig
Professor, The Australian National University
Former Director, MVZ (2000-2012)
Biodiversity and conservation, biogeography and speciation, biological responses to climate change
Pearson, Anita
Rodriguez, Javier A.
Associate Dean College of Sciences and Associate Professor School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Systematics, population and evolutionary ecology, phylogeography
Sage, Richard D.
Evolution of house mice and leopard frogs; mouse viruses and human cancers; ecology of Argentine amphibians, reptiles, and rodents
Shabel, Alan
Lecturer and Researcher, UC Berkeley
Shaffer, H. Bradley Ph.D
Professor, UCLA
Systematics, phylogeography and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles
Stein, Barbara R.
Mammalian morphology and systematics; history of biology, MaNIS
Stromberg, Mark R.
Former Resident Reserve Director, Hasting Natural History Reservation (Retired)
(831) 659-2664
Conservation biology; small mammal and grassland ecology; web-based education
Summers, Adam P.
Associate Professor, UC Irvine
(949) 824-9359
Biomechanics of reptiles, amphibians, and fishes; effects of tissue material properties on form and function
Vredenburg, Vance T.
Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
(415) 338-7296
Evolution, ecology and conservation of amphibians, co-founder of AmphibiaWeb
Wall, Jeff
Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, UCSF School of Medicine
Evolutionary and human genetics

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