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Collections & Research Staff

Barclay, Theresa
Museum Scientist - Prep Lab Manager
(510) 642-1379
Chang, Ann
AmphibiaWeb Coordinator
Cicero, Carla
Staff Curator and Researcher - Birds
(510) 642-7868
Systematics, geographic variation, and evolution of New World birds, with an emphasis on western North America; ORNIS; Digital MVZ Project
Conroy, Christopher J.
Staff Curator and Researcher - Mammals
(510) 643-7709
Systematics and biogeography of rodents, particularly voles and lemmings; Grinnell Resurvey Project
Constable, Heather
Coordinator for the Berkeley Initiative for Global Change Biology
Fidler, Christina
Museum Archivist
Gilbert, Henry
Research Manager-Human Evolution Research Center
(510) 642-7952
African plio - pleistocene paleontology, pleistocene human evolution
Klitz, Karen
Retired Archivist
Doing Natural History, MVZ History
Koo, Michelle
Staff Curator, Biodiversity Informatics & GIS and Researcher
(510) 642-8547
Herpetology and evolutionary biogeography; MVZ Archives and Assoc. Director of AmphibiaWeb
Roy, Sarah
Eel River Critical Zone Observatory Project Coordinator
(510) 642-6848
Rush, Andrew
Lecturer and Researcher
Smith, Lydia
Evolutionary Genetics Lab Manager & Researcher
(510) 642-0647
Spencer, Carol L.
Staff Curator and Researcher - Reptiles and Amphibians
(510) 643-5778
Biogeography, geographic variation, and life history evolution in squamates, especially in western North America.

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