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Faculty Curators

Bowie, Rauri
Associate Professor / Curator of Birds
(510) 643-1617
Systematics and evolution of birds, primarily in Africa; morphological and molecular variation among avian populations.
Lacey, Eileen A.
Professor / Curator of Mammals
(510) 643-0284
Associate Director, MVZ
Behavioral ecology, population and evolutionary biology of mammals, particularly rodents.
McGuire, Jimmy A.
Professor / Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles
(510) 316-6201
Systematics and evolution of reptiles and amphibians, particularly those of Southeast Asia; Hummingbird evolution.
Nachman, Michael
Professor / Curator of Mammals
(510) 642-1792
Director, MVZ
Population, evolutionary, and ecological genetics and genomics
Patton, James L.
Emeritus Professor / Curator of Mammals
(510) 643-7712
Former Director, MVZ (1997-2000)
Systematics and evolution of mammals, particularly geomyid rodents and neotropical marsupials and rodents; Yosemite Project.
Wake, David B.
Professor of the Graduate School / Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles
(510) 643-7705
Former Director, MVZ (1971-1997)
Evolutionary biology of tropical and west coast salamanders.

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