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MVZ Internships

Employment and Engagement Opportunities

The MVZ Internship Program is directed toward advanced undergraduate students visiting from other schools, recent graduates, or masters degree students wishing to learn more about museums, vertebrate diversity, and natural history. These unpaid, for-experience positions have flexible start and end times, and are either full-time for 3-6 months, or part time for 6 months. Availability is dependent upon start and end times. Summer internships can be held for less than 3 months, but must be full-time.

Individuals interested in a 3-4 month internship can get experience working in the preparation lab, the curatorial area, and/or the museum collections. Field work and Education/Outreach opportunities may also be available, depending on time of year. Individuals who can commit to a 5-6 month internship may also be able to design an independent research project, under the supervision of a curator/faculty member . Each internship is catered to the interests of the student involved, and also is dependent on the current needs of the museum.

Individuals interested in the preparation lab are encouraged to obtain a rabies vaccination before beginning their internship.

For applicants from outside the US, individuals must currently be students and submit their applications at least six months in advance (more time is recommended). They may also be subject to a $500 visiting scholar fee that will cover the VISA application process, give them library access, and make available other campus resources.

Interning in the MVZ is an excellent way to get hands on experience with museum specimens and curation practices, and to interact directly with Berkeley biologists and professors.

To inquire about internship positions, please contact the faculty or collections and research staff directly with whom you are interested in gaining experience. You may be asked to submit the following after your initial contact: Intern application, resume, your grades (or exam marks if you are outside of the US), and two letters of recommendation.


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