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Curatorial Assistantships

Employment and Engagement Opportunities

The MVZ provides annual support for three half-time Curatorial Assistants (CAs) to work in the collections (one position for herps, birds, and mammals, respectively). CAs are hired on a semester-by-semester basis and during the summer. Positions are filled by hiring either one person at 50% time, or two people at 25% time.

UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students in any department may apply for a position, although graduate students in the Museum and Department of Integrative Biology are given preference. Positions are limited to students that are currently enrolled at UC Berkeley or that graduated from Berkeley the prior semester.

Salaries and benefits for graduate student CAs are commensurate with those for Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs). Assistants with 0 to 2 years curatorial experience are appointed as a Graduate Research Assistant (GSR), step 3; those with 3 or more years of experience are appointed as a GSR, step 4. Undergraduate assistants are initially appointed as a Lab Assistant, step 1.

Curatorial Assistants work under the supervision of a full-time Curator and assist with day to day operations of the Museum, including: accessioning, cataloging, and installing new specimens and tissues; entering specimen information into a database; updating the collections taxonomically; processing loan requests; preparing specimens; and greeting research visitors or providing tours of the collections.

Working in the MVZ collections is an excellent way to get hands on experience with museum specimens and curation practices, and to interact directly with Berkeley biologists and professors. Read one undergraduate’s first-hand account of her experiences.

To inquire about CA positions, contact Carla Cicero (Bird Collection), Chris Conroy (Mammal Collection), or Carol Spencer (Amphibian &Reptile Collections).

In addition, UC Berkeley undergraduate students should also complete the MVZ Undergraduate Application.


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