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Departing from the MVZ - General

MVZ Handbook

What do I need to do before I leave UC Berkeley?

First, PLAN AHEAD! When you know when you will be leaving Berkeley, start thinking about how you're going to deal with your research material - specimens, tissues, DNA extracts, PCR products, field notes, digital images, sound recordings, digital videos, etc. If you are depositing specimens or tissues at the MVZ, all original field notes and permits also need to be deposited at the MVZ. Refer to the MVZ Departing Checklist which must be completed before departing the MVZ. Also refer to MVZ Archival Records Retention.

For lab samples (DNA extracts, PCR products, sequencing reactions, etc.), either discard the samples, transfer ownership to someone who is remaining at the MVZ (i.e., make sure their name is now on the box), or make arrangements to ship the samples to your next location (see Permits and MVZ shipping guidelines). An EGL Departing Researcher Checklist must be completed before leaving the MVZ.

We are happy to have you deposit your specimens at MVZ. Work with Chris, Carla, and Carol to make sure everything is in order. This includes specimens and associated data (tags), tissues, field notes, permits, etc. Questions or problems often arise with new accessions, so leave plenty of time for this.

For collection-related material that will not be accessioned into the MVZ, work with Chris, Carla, or Carol to make sure that arrangements are made for its final disposition or mailing them to your next location.

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