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MVZ Front Office Miscellaneous

MVZ Handbook

Office Supplies

Limited office supplies are available for MVZ-related use. If you need stationery supplies, they are located in the metal supply cabinet to the right of the mailboxes. If you take the last of an item, or need a special office supply order, please contact Leleña.

Room Reservations

Reservations for the Grinnell Miller Library and the Herpetology Lounge/Library are posted on These rooms are available for museum-related business only, unless you have special permission from a curator.

To add your reservation:

  • contact Leleña with the information: date, duration, room, short title of event (e.g., “GML: Lacey Lab meeting”) and the name of a contact

  • OR

  • ask Leleña for editing rights to the shared Google Calendar (all faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students should have editing rights)

Guidelines for Use of MVZ Letterhead

Official MVZ letterhead may be used for all professional correspondence, including letters of recommendation and personal evaluations. Personal statements regarding political issues or matters related to personal economic gain should not be written on MVZ (University) letterhead. Contact Leleña for letterhead template.

Away Board

If you leave for more than three days, please list your name, destination, and trip duration on the Front Office Away Board (next to the Front Desk) in order to advise faculty and staff of your schedule. The return day is the day you expect to return to the MVZ. Don’t forget to take your name off the board when you return!

MVZ Vehicle

The MVZ has one vehicle available for museum–related use. To use the vehicle, speak with Terri Barclay.

Loading Dock Pass

The loading dock pass (30 minute limit) may be obtained through Leleña. It is important to remember to return the loading dock pass before you leave the premises. The permit must be readily available to anyone who needs to use it.

Lost & Found

The MVZ maintains a small lost and found for items found inside the museum. There is a lost and found for items found in the building at 1005 VLSB. UCPD is the central repository for items lost and found on campus. You can report lost items at their website:

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