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For MVZ Supervisors:
Working with Undergrads & Volunteers

MVZ Handbook

Undergraduates and volunteers play an important role in the MVZ. Most students earn course credit through URAP or department/college credit, others volunteer (URAP or independently), and some may be paid assistants. The MVZ Undergraduate Program has over 100 students and volunteers involved per semester. It is crucial to the program’s success that we keep good records on our undergrads and volunteers, and involve them in our community.

ALL undergraduates and volunteers that work in the MVZ, must complete an MVZ Student and Volunteer Application. In addition there may be other applications and/or forms depending on the position (see below).

Supervisors MUST report ALL undergraduates and volunteers to Leleña each term (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program)

This is the primary program through which UC Berkeley Undergrads participate in the MVZ. URAP offers research opportunities to undergraduates as volunteers (0 units) or course credit (1-3 units).

  • URAP projects must be listed under one of the MVZ Faculty Curators or designated Research Staff

  • Postdocs and graduate students who would like to list a URAP project should do so through their P.I.

  • PLAN AHEAD: Dealines for posting projects are generally prior to the start of each semester

  • Visit the URAP website or contact Leleña for more information on MVZ URAPs

Department Credit

UC Berkeley Undergrads can also earn credit for supervised research (e.g. Department 99/199 courses) or for a supervised independent research project (e.g. Department Honors 196 courses).

Volunteer Projects

You are strongly encouraged to post your position through URAP (see above). Your student will have the option to take a URAP project for 0 units (volunteer). However, if you feel that your project is not appropriate for URAP or your project does not coincide with the URAP project dealines, please do the following.

Write an advertisement for your position which includes:

  • a brief description of the position

  • an estimated number of hours per week that the job will require

  • duration of the project/position

  • any other pertinent information about the position

  • your contact information (interested applicants should contact you directly)

Send advertisement to Leleña who will forward to the MVZ undergraduate and volunteer email listserve.

Note: ALL VOLUNTEERS (including UCB undergrads not enrolled in URAP or departmental credit) MUST complete official HR volunteer paperwork with Leleña on or before their first day in the MVZ

Paid Student Positions (incl. Work-Study)

Contact Clara Fiedler at CSS Team 9 ( or the CSS Team 9 HR group to list your paid student positions.

If you need help advertising the position, contact Leleña.


Please make sure they do the following:

  1. Complete an online MVZ Student and Volunteer Application. This adds them to our MVZ database. They only need to complete this form once during their time in the MVZ.

  2. Attend the Undergraduate & Volunteer Orientation at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semester when they begin work in the MVZ (undergrads that begin in the summer and continue, should attend the Fall Orientation).

  3. Complete a Semester Evaluation once each semester to give us feedback on their experience.

  4. Encourage them to attend MVZ functions, such as MVZ Lunch, Coffee, MVZ parties, etc.

An online Weekly Timesheet (Google form) for unpaid students and other volunteers is available each semester. If you would like your students and volunteers to use this to track their hours, please instruct them to do so and please ask Leleña to share the Google sheet with you.

All paid students (incl. work-study) should track their hours using CalTime .

If you have any questions about the MVZ undergrad and volunteer program, please contact Leleña Avila, program coordinator.

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