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MVZ Emergency and Safety

MVZ Handbook

For emergencies: Call 911 from a campus landline/payphone, or 510-642-3333 from a cell phone.


For a Building Maintenance, Custodial or Environment, Health & Safety emergency, call the following numbers:

  • Facilities Services: 642-1032
  • Environmental Health & Safety: 642-6760

For suspicious persons or activities posing no immediate threat:

  • UCPD (non-emergency): 642-6760

For people or activities posing an immediate threat:

  • UCPD (emergency): 911

University Police Officers are available 24 hours a day (1 Sproul Hall).

In an emergency, such as fires, earthquakes or power outages, tune into KALX 90.7 FM.

UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Preparedness
Disaster strikes when least expected - and UC Berkeley has an office dedicated to helping the campus plan for it! Please check out the OEP website for information on how you can prepare for earthquakes and other disasters while working at MVZ:

Fire Alarms
California law requires immediate evacuation upon the sounding of a fire alarm. Even if you suspect the alarm is actually a drill, you must nonetheless evacuate immediately. Exit the building via the stairways. Congregate on the south central area outside of the VLSB (the Campanile Way side) for a headcount. Close your office and lab doors behind you to indicate an empty room, and take your keys and personal belongings with you. Do not use elevators as they pose a risk of entrapment. Adam Doban, the Building Manager for the VLSB, will announce when the building can be re-occupied by calling Chris Conroy, the MVZ Safety Manager, over the walkie talkie.

Chemical Safety Emergencies
In case of a chemical spill or other such emergency, contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S): 642-3073 during business hours (9a-12p; 1p-4p), 642-6760 after hours and on weekends.

Maintenance Emergencies
For business hours maintenance emergencies (i.e., floods, plumbing issues, etc.) call the MVZ front desk at 642-3567.

For building issues, or non-emergency security issues, call Adam Doban: 510-333-9523.

For after-hours building maintenance or building emergencies, call Facilities Services 642-1032. This number is an operator 24/7 who will direct calls to the appropriate technician on-call.

Lab Safety Training
Anyone working in any lab within the MVZ (e.g., Prep Lab, Herp Lab, Evolutionary Genetics Lab) MUST take the EH&S lab safety class. Everyone else in the MVZ community should take this training. This online exercise takes about 90 minutes to complete.

  • Everyone with a CalNet ID can access the class through this link to the UC Learning Center:

  • Use the Search box in the upper left section of the page to search for "EHS101". Click on the yellow "Register" button, then "Submit" on the next page, then "Start".

  • If you experience difficulty accessing the UC Learning Center, please use the UC Learning Center Access Problem Solver for instructions on how to resolve your access issues:

Additional safety training will be given by the different area managers (EGL, prep lab, herp lab, MVZ collections) specific to the hazards present in those locations.

First Aid
A first aid kit and first aid supplies are located in a blue box labeled “FIRST AID” atop the Front Office Desk.

If there is a serious medical emergency, call UCPD (911 from a campus landline/payphone, or 642-3333 from a cell phone) or take the person directly to Alta Bates Hospital at 2450 Ashby Ave. near Telegraph.

There are various eye washes and emergency showers around the MVZ (one is right next to the Herp Lab). Several fire extinguishers are located throughout the MVZ (one of which is located just inside the Herp Lab on the wall next to the sink). Be aware of where emergency equipment is located nearest to your office.

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