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>> New Card Key Access
>> Extend your Card Key Access
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Steps for New MVZ Card Key Access:
  1. Your PI or Supervisor should email Leleña Avila to begin the process for card key access. Card key access will not be granted without your PI's/Supervisor's permission.

  2. Read these documents:

  3. If you are working in an MVZ lab (Prep Lab, LN2 lab, Herp Lab, EGL) you must complete EH&S Lab Safety Class(es) before you will be granted access to those areas. Contact the appropriate Lab Manager to be certified to use the lab areas

  4. Obtain the "Key Card Application & Agreement" form from Leleña in the front office and complete only your personal information on the first page.

  5. Schedule an MVZ safety training with Chris Conroy: bring your Cal 1 ID card and your completed "Key Card Application & Agreement" form (above) with you to that meeting.

    • If you also need a metal key (see below) for your MVZ office, please let Chris know - both forms must be submitted together to the building manager.

  6. Card Key activation can take up to three days.

  7. If you lose your card:

Please note that undergraduates, volunteers, and visiting researchers are advised to work during normal MVZ business hours. Card key access is granted on a case-by-case basis by request of your MVZ supervisor or sponsor, and is not guaranteed.

If you are not a UC Berkeley employee or student, there is a $25 fee for the Cal 1 ID Card which is required for card key access (please see Leleña if this applies to you).

Steps for EXTENDING Key Card Access:
  1. If your card stops working, your card access may have expired. Please contact Leleña Avila or Chris Conroy. Undergraduates and volunteers should have their supervisor contact Leleña or Chris to approve extended access.

  2. If you were granted card key access prior to the VLSB Record of Employee Safety Training, you will have to follow the "Steps for New MVZ Card Key Access” above before your card can be re-activated.

  3. In the email asking for card key renewal, please include your Cal ID # on the front of the card as well as the serial number located on the back of the card, in the bottom right corner.

  4. Please provide a new expiration date in your request (we will verify with your supervisor/sponsor if applicable).

  5. Leleña or Chris will process your request.

  6. Card key activation can take up to three days, but is usually completed within 24 hours.

Steps for Obtaining Metal Keys:

Metal Keys are not issued unless absolutely necessary. Faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students who have offices inside the MVZ are generally issued keys.

Note: your card key form (above) and metal key form must be submitted together - be sure to coordinate.

  1. Obtain a Metal Key Application & Agreement Form from Leleña in the front office.

  2. Complete the personal information fields in the top most section of the form.

  3. Have your PI/Supervisor sign the "Authorized Signature" field, next to the "MK" key requested

  4. Leave the "Key Identification" table blank

  5. Sign and date the bottom of the form

  6. Submit form:
    • If you are also getting card key access, bring form and key deposit (check for $25 made out to "UC Regents") with you to your safety training with Chris (see above).

    • If you previously completed safety training and obtained card key access:
      1. make a copy of your metal key form for Leleña
      2. obtain a copy of your previously submitted card key/safety form from Leleña
      3. take signed metal form, copy of card key form, and key deposit ($25 check made out to “UC Regents”) to the Building Manager (Adam Doban, VLSB 3028) for key issue.

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