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Employment and Engagement Opportunities


Opportunities in the MVZ come in many forms including paid, for-credit, and volunteer positions. Please click on the links below to learn more about these opportunities.


Professional Positions

These are paid career, contract, or limited-term appointment positions for academics and staff within the MVZ. Professional positions may be full or part-time, regular or temporary. Please see UC Berkeley Jobs for current openings.

Graduate Student Positions

These paid positions in the MVZ are open to current UC Berkeley graduate students as support while pursuing their degree and are available in the form of Curatorial Assistantships and Graduate Student Research (GSR) Positions.

Curatorial Assistantships
Curatorial Assistants work in the Herp, Bird, or Mammal collections. Positions are open to UC Berkeley graduate students in any department with preference given to those in the MVZ and the Department of Integrative Biology.

GSR Positions
Graduate students interested in a research assistantship should contact faculty members directly. Additional information about GSR appointments can be found on the Department of Integrative Biology website using the "GSR Positions" link above.

Please see Prospective Graduate Students for additional information on the MVZ Graduate Student Program.

Undergraduate Student Positions

Positions open to current UC Berkeley undergraduate students may be for-credit, volunteer, or paid.

Please visit the MVZ Undergraduate Opportunities page for additional information.

Internships and Other Volunteer Opportunities

These unpaid for-experience positions at the undergraduate, recent graduate, and graduate level are for non-UC Berkeley personnel, are available on a case by case basis, and are dependent on the current needs of the museum.

Internships are geared toward recent graduates and master's level students, they are more rigorous in nature and require a greater time commitment than other volunteer opportunities. Interns are taken on a case-by-case basis.

Volunteer Opportunities
For non-UC Berkeley Students, these opportunities vary greatly and may be more flexible in nature than formal internships.

For UC Berkeley retirement community members, please check out the UC Berkeley volunteer website.


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