Oliver P. Pearson, 1915 - 2003

Paynie came to UC Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at the end of WWII. A mammalogist, he was particularly interested in mice, and pursued them far into South America. In the early 1960's he taught large Zoo 10 classes (introductory zoology for non-majors) and was well loved by his students. As an exchange professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1964-65, he brought his love of natural science to a generation of Argentine naturalists, who carry the torch to this day. Named Professor Emeritus in 1971, he remained involved with the MVZ, and continued active Argentine field work. He just published a paper on some of this work in January.

El 4 de marzo el corazón que le llevaba a este cazador humilde de ratones durante 87 años se paró, pero sigue el espíritu.

He will be remembered as a fun and effective lecturer, a comfortable companion, a diligent mouse trapper, and a thoughtful student of natural science.

A fine, long description of Paynie's career can be found in UC Berkeley News.


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