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Donating Digital Images

Images archived in the Museum may be of animals, habitats, landscapes, or people/camps. Just like specimens, images should be accompanied by good data.

It is the responsibility of the photographer to sort and label images prior to donation. The photographer should only donate images that are of unique value as an observation or that are related to a specimen or collecting trip. If multiple images are taken of the same site or subject, the photographer should choose the most informative or highest quality image(s) for donation.

Photographers must complete the Photo Data Entry Template (download at the bottom of this page) for images prior to donation.

  • Yellow columns: must be entered by photographer
  • White columns: to be completed if applicable
  • Gray columns: to be entered by curatorial staff

With each image donation, download the most recent version of the template from this page. Periodic updates will be made to incorporate changes in the Arctos database.

Prior to going into the field, you may want to print out our field notebook template for recording data on images (download at the bottom of this page).

MVZ researchers should deposit the images and metadata onto the public folder Media Drop on Gromit (\\\MediaDrop), and then notify the appropriate Staff Curator. Non-MVZ researchers should contact the appropriate Staff Curator to make arrangements for transferring images and data.

Once images have been processed by a curator they will be stored in a permanent archive. Photos and other media are searchable in Arctos, where they are linked to specimens, observations, localities, projects, and people.

Ready to submit photos? About to go into the field? Check out the quick guide for photogaphers.

Concerns about copyright or ownership rights can be addressed by filling out a deed of gift form.

Files For Download
  • Download (XLS) | Photo Data Entry Template, Date: 19 August 2009. Instructions are included in the excel spreadsheet or may be viewed online.
  • Download (XLS) | Field notebook page for recording image data in the field. Sized to print on MVZ field notebook paper (6 3/8" X 8 3/4").
  • Download (PDF) | Two part example illustrates how data may be recorded on field notebook pages (part 1) and shows some data being transfered from the field journal into the photo data entry template (part 2). Small enough to print on field notebook pages, but may be printed on any sized paper.

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