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The MVZ tracks its researchers and staff original publications, with over 80 manuscripts being published annually. These include papers in peer-reviewed journals, monographs, book chapters, and books. We also assigned a reprint number for internal accounting. Copies of some reprints are stored as PDF files and as hard copies in an archive and the Museum’s library.

Search for an MVZ publication on Berkeley Natural History Museums' Docubase service (formerly the Digital Library Project).

MVZ researchers, graduate students and undergraduates: if you have a publication you would like listed under MVZ, please contact us with the reference information so we can include you! Be sure to include the MVZ as your affiliation or in acknowledgements so our automatic alerts can find your papers, too.

To request a reprint from the MVZ:

  • Send an email to or write to:
    Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
    University of California
    3101 Valley Life Sciences Building
    Berkeley, California 94720-3160 USA
  • Refer to the reprint number, author(s), and title of the publication
  • Include your name, email address, and complete mailing address

Sign up for the MVZ Newsletter