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Research Affiliates

Berkeley Natural History Museums

The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology is one of six institutions on the U.C. Berkeley campus dedicated to research and conservation of the earth's dwindling biodiversity. Together, these museums form a consortium whose mission is to foster collaborative research and to promote public understanding of the importance and value of natural history and anthropology collections.

Visit the Berkeley Natural History Museum Consortium Website.
Human Evolution Research Center

Established by Clark Howell in 1970, the Human Evolution Research Center (originally Laboratory for Human Evolutionary Studies) is internationally recognized as a center for the study of human origins and evolution. In addition to their roles as faculty members and graduate students, researchers spend several months each year conducting fieldwork in Asia and Africa. What has emerged from the material that they have excavated are fossil remains that have fundamentally changed our understanding of the process and products of human evolution.

Visit the Human Evolution Research Center's Website.
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