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Use of Tissues from the MVZ Collection

MVZ Handbook > MVZ Tissue Guidelines

All uses of frozen, ethanol, or other preserved tissues are tracked as transactions in the Museum's database.

Use by non-MVZ researchers must follow procedures outlined in our Tissue Grants Policy, and samples will be taken by a curatorial assistant under direct supervision of an MVZ Staff Curator.

Use by MVZ researchers must be approved in advance by an MVZ Curator responsible for that collection. This applies both to catalogued tissues and to tissues waiting to be catalogued. MVZ researchers must obtain a Curator's signature and complete an in-house tissue use form (Word doc) prior to subsampling from the collection. Samples should be removed from the storage unit only temporarily for subsampling, and be returned immediately after subsampling to the spot where they were found.

MVZ researchers and curatorial assistants should notify a Staff Curator if a sample is found to be depleted, missing, or mis-placed, or has only a small amount of tissue remaining. Subsamples from vials with small amounts of tissue should not be taken without prior approval from a Curator.

After sampling, give the completed in-house tissue use form to the appropriate Staff Curator (Cicero, Spencer, or Conroy).

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