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The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology is a research-only facility and has no public displays, and no yearly budget for outreach, however it has managed to develop a year-round undergraduate program that includes museum, lab, and field activities for students.  Students are encouraged to stay involved for the duration of their undergraduate careers at Cal and take part in the vibrant academic and social community the museum provides. The program was recognized for its innovation and efforts by the UC Berkeley campus in 2008 when it received the Education Initiatives Award.

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Due to a lack of funding, the program is unstructured and each student's path is driven by their own intiative and interests. The Museum provides a student information session at the beginning of each semester that introduces the staff researchers and MVZ opportunities. It is then up to the students to get further involved. Most students begin in the MVZ by volunteering or participating in a URAP (a campus program that allows students to receive credit for their work in a lab). As a student excels in one position, faculty, researchers, and staff encourage the student to get further involved in the museum by:

Ideally students graduate with a wide range of experiences and skills that greatly increase their chances of obtaining a scientific position or advancing on to graduate school.