MVZ Undergraduate Program
The Working Model

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The MVZ Undergraduate Program Working Model

The model that we have developed with our undergraduate program is one which could also be applied to other campus units.  A major benefit of the program that will appeal to other units is the fact that the MVZ has not needed additional hires, or additional funds to develop the Undergraduate Program.  What it does require is communication, enthusiasm, and coordination from and among the all Museum’s staff and researchers. We make use of already established programs on campus and we have created partnerships that greatly increase our ability to recruit and maintain our student population.  A larger student population on hand that is well trained and committed allows us to expand our operations and endeavors concerning research and grants.  As the Undergraduate Program has grown, so has the Museum.  Now, without our undergraduates, the Museum would barely function.  We truly appreciate our students, respect them, and make sure that they are happy and in return they work passionately for us.

What does it take from us? 
Thoughtful management and a little extra effort from each of our staff and researchers.

Key features of our model:
Simplicity – easy to use this model for any small department/unit that has some undergraduate involvement, or is looking to gain undergraduate involvement.
Inexpensive – With a little extra effort and participation from team members, this model utilizes already existing campus resources and does not require grants or other sources of funding.
Win-Win – this model increases the productivity of the department involved and greatly enhances undergraduate education.

How our model works:

1. Project/Class organization


3. Applications

4. Welcoming New Students

5. Placement