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The MVZ holds an annual open house in conjunction with UC Berkeley's Cal Day, with special displays that highlight the collections and diversity of vertebrates. Visitors get a chance to see and handle a variety of live animals, including snakes, and to chat with faculty, staff, and students about research or classes on biology and natural history at UC Berkeley. This is the only day of the year that the Museum is open to the public. Click here for recent Cal Day pictures from the MVZ.

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 Dec 16, 2014  
Joseph Grinnell Medal 2015 Recipient
Dr. Robert Ricklefs

Ecologist and ornithologist Dr. Robert Ricklefs was awarded the prestigious 2015 Joseph Grinnell Medal of the U.C. Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

This award is given every five years to a senior scientist who exemplifies a commitment to natural history research and is making fundamental empirical and conceptual contributions to ecology and evolution. The award was established in 1983 and named after Joseph Grinnell, the founding director of the U.C. Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. Past recipients include George A. Bartholomew, James H. Brown, David B. Wake, Peter and Rosemary Grant, and Michael J. Ryan.

Robert Ricklefs is a Curators’ Professor of Biology at the University of Missouri and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He has dedicated his career to understanding the origin, maintenance, and significance of diversity in nature. He has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of biogeography, especially of oceanic islands, the evolution and ecology of life history variation, and disease ecology.

Ricklefs has been a forceful advocate for the importance of “natural history observation and thinking”. He is the author of several seminal textbooks and over 300 peer-reviewed articles. Through his work, Ricklefs has played an important role in shaping both popular culture and scientific thought.

Learn more about Robert Ricklefs.

Image courtesy of Susanne Renner

 Dec 03, 2014  

A very Big Thanks to everyone who participated in the Big Give on November 20, 2014! UC Berkeley raised $5.3 million from 7,336 donors.

Thank you for being part of UC Berkeley history!