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 Feb 21, 2014  
MVZ Administrative Assistant OpeningPhoto

MVZ is seeking a dynamic person to join our community! We are now accepting applications for a Front Office Assistant (III). Please read more here or on the UC Berkeley Job website. Go to, click on "Job Listings" followed by "External Applicants", and then search for job number 17447.

 Feb 04, 2014  
Free Special LecturePhoto

Dr. Harry Greene, renowned biologist, author, and former MVZ curator presents "Snakes and primates, an 80 million year-long dialog -- with digressions about late 20th century MVZ" on Saturday, February 8th.

Free behind the scenes tour and mingling with scientists at 3pm in 3101 VLSB, and lecture begins at 4pm in 2040 VLSB.

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