MVZ Directory
Agwamba, Kennedy
Grad Student - Nachman
Alexandre, Nicolas
Grad Student - Whiteman
Amini, Sina
Grad Student - McGuire
Arifin, Umilaela
Postdoc - McGuire
Bach, Bryan
Lab Tech
Ballinger, Mallory
Grad Student - Nachman
Banker, Sarah
Grad Student - Nachman
Barclay, Theresa
Museum Scientist - Prep Lab Manager
(510) 642-1379
Beckman, Libby
Postdoc - Nachman
Beissinger, Steven
Professor (Dept. ESPM)
Conservation biology; behavioral and population ecology.
(510) 643-3038
Benham, Phred
Postdoc - Bowie
Bloch, Luke
Grad Student - Bowie
Bowie, Rauri
Professor / Curator of Birds
Systematics and evolution of birds, primarily in Africa; morphological and molecular variation among avian populations.
(510) 643-1617
Brashares, Justin
Professor (Dept. ESPM)
(510) 643-6080
Brock, Erika
Museum Assistant
Chang, Ann
AmphibiaWeb Coordinator
Childers, Jackie
Grad Student - Bowie
Cicero, Carla
Staff Curator and Researcher - Birds
Systematics, geographic variation, and evolution of New World birds, with an emphasis on western North America; ORNIS; Digital MVZ Project
(510) 642-7868
Conroy, Christopher J.
Staff Curator and Researcher - Mammals
Systematics and biogeography of rodents, particularly voles and lemmings; Grinnell Resurvey Project
(510) 643-7709
Corl, Ammon
Postdoc - Bowie
Deck, John
Programmer Analyst
Programmer for Moorea Biocode, GEOME, BerkeleyMapper
(541) 914-4739
Del Valle, Jaime
Reserve Steward
(831) 659-2664
Dickinson, Janis
Professor Emerita, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Bird and insect behavior; avian conservation biology, citizen science
Douglas, Tyler
Grad Student - Tarvin
Dudley, Robert
Chair / Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
Biomechanics, energetics, and evolution of animal flight, particularly in insects and hummingbirds.
(510) 642-1555
Dunaway, Billy
Computer Resource Specialist
(510) 388-9169
Durkin, Sylvia
Grad Student - Nachman
Edwards, Danielle
Assistant Professor, School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
Integrative evolutionary biology and conservation genetics
Eisen, Michael
Associate Professor (Molecular and Cell Biology & Dept. Biophysics & LBL)
Computational and experimental genomic approaches to study regulation of gene expression.
(510) 666-3640
Frank, Laurence
Director Laikipia Predator Project
Conservation and ecology of large African predators
(510) 848-0418
Frederick, Jeff
Grad Student - McGuire
Galvez, Jackie
Grad Student - Martin
Gilbert, Henry
Research Manager-Human Evolution Research Center
African plio - pleistocene paleontology, pleistocene human evolution
(510) 642-7952
Gross, Joyce
Programmer Analyst
AmphibiaWeb,CalPhotos, BNHM services
Grundler, Maggie
Grad Student - Rosenblum
Guzman, Rhanee
CSS: Research Administrator (Contracts & Grants)
(510) 642-6976
Hansen, Robert
Consulting Herpetologist, Clovis, CA
Distribution and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles in California and Northern Mexico.
Hayes, Tyrone
Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
Developmental endocrinology of anuran amphibians.
(510) 643-1054
Hijmans, Robert
Professor, UC Davis
Ecological modeling, DIVA-GIS, agricultural geography, biodiversity conservation, climate change
Hlusko, Leslea
Associate Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
Mammalian skeletal variation and evolution
(510) 643-8838
Horr, Daisy
Grad Student - Lacey
Huelsenbeck, John
Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology) & Research Phylogeneticist
Analytical methods for inferring relationships of organisms and examining patterns of sequence variation for signatures of molecular evolution
(510) 643-5890
Hunter, Jennifer
Reserve Resident Director
(831) 659-2664
Jennings, Charlotte
Grad Student - McGuire
Jiménez, Rosa
Grad Student - Bowie
Jockusch, Elizabeth
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut
Phenotypic and developmental evolution, salamanders, insects, phylogenetics
Karin, Ben
Grad Student - McGuire
Kirchner-Smith, Mackenzie
Grad Student - Bowie
Klitz, Karen
Retired Archivist
Doing Natural History, MVZ History
Koenig, Walter
Researcher (Hastings Natural History Reserve)
Koo, Michelle
Staff Curator, Biodiversity Informatics & GIS and Researcher
Herpetology and evolutionary biogeography; MVZ Archives and Assoc. Director of AmphibiaWeb
(510) 642-8547
Krone, Isaac
Grad Student - McGuire
Lacey, Eileen A.
Professor / Curator of Mammals
(510) 643-0284
Leaché , Adam
Associate Professor, Curator of Genetic Resources and Herpetology, University of Washington
systematics, phylogenetics, phylogeography, population genetics, and species delimitation
Lidicker, William Z. Jr.
Emeritus Professor & Curator
Mammalian ecology, conservation biology, and systematics of Australasian mammals.
(510) 643-7713
Long, Stephen
Admin Assistant (Volunteer)
Lovette, Diana
Web Developer
Amphibian Disease Portal
Magill, Carlie
Office Manager
(510) 642-4699
Manahan, David
Grad Student - Nachman
Maro, Aleksey
Grad Student - Dudley
Martin, Chris
Assistant Professor / Curator of Fishes
Ichthyology, speciation
McDonald, Dusty
Arctos Database
McGuire, Jimmy A.
Professor / Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles
Systematics and evolution of reptiles and amphibians, particularly those of Southeast Asia; Hummingbird evolution.
(510) 316-6201
Mindell, David
Former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan; Former Dean and Curator, California Academy of Sciences
Biodiversity Science, Systematics, and Conservation Biology
Moritz, Craig
Professor, The Australian National University
Nachman, Michael
Professor / Curator of Mammals
(510) 642-1792
Navarrette, María José
Grad Student - Tarvin
Nielsen, Rasmus
Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
Statistical and computational methods and their applications in population and medical genetics, molecular ecology and evolution.
(510) 643-4993
Noss, Clay
Grad Student - Rosenblum
O'Brien, Shannon
Grad Student - Lacey
Patton, James L.
Emeritus Professor / Curator of Mammals
(510) 643-7712
Patton, Austin
Postdoc - Martin
Pearson, Anita
Perryman, Danielle
Grad Students - Bessinger
Person, Erin
Grad Student - Lacey
Ramirez, Valeria
Grad Student - Tarvin
Richards, Emilie
Grad Student - Martin
Riddell, Eric
Postdoc - Beissinger
Rodríguez, Javier A.
Associate Dean College of Sciences and Associate Professor School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Systematics, population and evolutionary ecology, phylogeography
Rosenblum, Erica Bree
Asst. Professor (Dept. ESPM)
Evolutionary biology, ecological genomics, global change biology, herpetology
(510) 642-2108
Rothstein, Andrew
Grad Student - Rosenblum
Roy, Sarah
Eel River Critical Zone Observatory Project Coordinator
(510) 642-6848
Rush, Andrew
Lecturer and Researcher
Sage, Richard D.
Independent Researcher, Bariloche, Argentina
Evolution of house mice and leopard frogs; mouse viruses and human cancers; ecology of Argentine amphibians, reptiles, and rodents
Sathe, Erik
Grad Student - Dudley
Shabel, Alan
Lecturer and Researcher, UC Berkeley
Shaffer, H. Bradley Ph.D
Professor, UCLA
Systematics, phylogeography and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles
Smiley, Ashley
Grad Student - Dudley
Smith, Lydia
Evolutionary Genetics Lab Manager & Researcher
(510) 642-0647
Spencer, Carol L.
Staff Curator and Researcher - Reptiles and Amphibians
Biogeography, geographic variation, and life history evolution in squamates, especially in western North America.
(510) 643-5778
St. John, Michelle
Grad Student - Martin
Steigerwald, Emma
Grad Student - Gillespie (ESPM) and Nielsen (IB)
Stein, Barbara R.
Mammalian morphology and systematics; history of biology, MaNIS
Stenske, John
CSS: Financial Analyst
(510) 642-6979
Stromberg, Mark R.
Former Resident Reserve Director, Hasting Natural History Reservation (Retired)
Conservation biology; small mammal and grassland ecology; web-based education
(831) 659-2664
Stubbs, Alexander
Grad Student - McGuire
Suárez-Atilano, Marco
Summers, Adam P.
Professor of Biology and Associate Director Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington
Biomechanics of reptiles, amphibians, and fishes; effects of tissue material properties on form and function
(949) 824-9359
Tarvin, Rebecca
Assistant Professor / Assistant Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles
Herpetology, evolution of toxicity and aposematism
Tian, David
Grad Student - Martin
Uricchio, Lawrence
Postdoc - Tarvin
Voong, Lam
Arctos Database Administrator
Voss, Erin
Grad Student - Nachman
Vredenburg, Vance T.
Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University
Evolution, ecology and conservation of amphibians, co-founder of AmphibiaWeb
(415) 338-7296
Wait, Dan
Grad Student - Bowie
Wake, David B.
Professor of the Graduate School / Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles
(510) 643-7705
Wake, Marvalee H.
Professor of the Graduate School (Dept. Integrative Biology) and Research Morphologist
Evolutionary morphology; vertebrate reproductive biology.
(510) 642-4743
Wall, Jeff
Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, UCSF School of Medicine
Evolutionary and human genetics
Wang, Ian
Assistant Professor (Dept. ESPM)
Landscape genetics, landscape ecology, ecological and conservation genomics.
(510) 664-4684
Wang, Lawrence
Grad Student - Full
Wang-Claypool, Cynthia
Grad Student - Bowie Lab
Westeen, Erin
Grad Student - Wang
White, Tim D.
Professor & Director of the Human Evolution Research Center
Evolutionary biology of hominoid primates, particularly African hominids; human skeletal biology and zooarchaeology.
(510) 642-2889
Whiteman, Noah
Associate Professor (Dept. Integrative Biology)
The origin of new species, traits and the maintenance of functional genetic variation in populations.
(510) 664-7545
Wrensford, Kwasi
Grad Student - Lacey Lab
Yuan, Michael
Grad Student - Wang