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As the health and safety of our community is a priority, this Spring semester, all seminars will be held remotely.
Join the MVZ Lunch Seminar, Wednesdays at 12:10PM on Zoom!

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MVZ Lunch Seminar Schedule 2022-2023

Fall 2022

31-AugNo Seminar - Meeting with Graduate Students
7-SeptNo Seminar - Faculty Meeting
14-SeptNo Seminar
21-SeptDr. Christopher J. Schell, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
University of California Berkeley
Host: Michael Nachman
The hunger games: Exploring the mechanistic links among diet, behavior, and physiology in coyotes
28-SeptNikki Lee, PhD
Postdoc, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology UC Berkeley
Host: Eileen Lacey
The role of reward and dopamine signaling in prairie vole peer relationships
5-OctNo Seminar - Faculty and Staff Meeting
12-OctUmilaela Arifin, PhD
Postdoc, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology UC Berkeley
Host: Jim McGuire
Life in the fast flow: Phylogenetic systematics, diversity, and biogeography of Asian ranids with gastromyzophorous tadpoles.
19-OctDr. Erik Enbody
UC Santa Cruz
Host: Dr. Michael Nachman
Complete community genome sequencing in Galápagos finches: large effect loci for key ecological traits and their evolutionary histories
26-OctGenevieve G. Mount, PhD
NSF Postdoc
Utah State University & University of California Berkeley
Host: Rebecca Tarvin
Phylogenetics and Phrogs - methods, morphology, and conservation
2-NovDr. Sarah Fitzpatrick
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Host: David Tian
Harnessing genetic rescue for the conservation of small populations
9-NovCCGPA series of updates on the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology's research for the California Conservation Genomics Project (CCGP)
16-NovNo Seminar
23-NovNo Seminar - Thanksgiving Break
30-NovNo Seminar
7-DecNo Seminar

Spring 2023

18-JanChris Kozak, PhD
Assistant Project Scientist
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
and the California Conservation Genomics Project
UC Berkeley
Host: Michael Nachman
The surprising radiations of Heliconiini butterflies
25-JanDr. M. Fernanda Palominos
Postdoc, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
UC Berkeley
Host: Chris Martin
From Devo to Evo: Identifying the function of novel genes in craniofacial specialization
1-FebAllison Q. Byrne, Postdoc
RIBBiTR Biology Integration Institute
Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
University of California-Berkeley
Host: Michael Nachman
Piecing together the amphibian pandemic
8-FebDr. Brad Shaffer
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
Host: Michael Nachman
Large-scale field experiments to test landscape genomic inferences in the California tiger salamander system
15-FebJoanna Kelley
Associate Professor
Physical & Biological Sciences Division
UC Santa Cruz
Host: Michael Nachman
22-FebKen A. Thompson
Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology
Hots: Chris Martin
1-MarchE. Anne Chambers, Ph.D.
Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
University of California, Berkeley
Host: Ian Wang
8-MarchScott Nunes
Professor, Department of Biology University of San Francisco
Host: Nikki Lee
Multiple functions of juvenile play: A ground squirrel's perspective.
15-MarchLauren O’Connell, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology
Stanford University
Host: Sylvia Durkin
22-MarchLidicker EventTBA
29-MarchNo Seminar - Spring Break
5-AprilProfessor W. Chris Funk
Department of Biology
Colorado State University
Host: Emily Bogner
12-AprilProfessor Emily Taylor, PhD
Biological Sciences, California Polytechnic State University
Director, Physiological Ecology of Reptiles Laboratory
President, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
Host: Rebecca Tarvin
19-AprilJackie Childers
PhD Candidate
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
UC Berkeley
Host: Rauri Bowie
26-AprilEmma Steigerwald
PhD Candidate
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
UC Berkeley
Host: Rosemary Gillespie and Rasmus Nielsen
3-MayNo Seminar - MVZ Retreat

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