About MVZ People

The MVZ’s mission, educational
and research programs, and scientific collections
are the direct result of its dedicated Faculty, Curators, and Associated
Staff. The fact that there have been only a handful of Directors since
the Museum’s founding illustrates the continuity in mission and
philosophy that were established by Joseph Grinnell
and Annie Alexander over 100 years ago.

Joseph Grinnell Director, 1908-1939
Alden H. Miller Director, 1939-1965
Oliver P. Pearson Director, 1966-1971
David B. Wake Director, 1971-1997
William Lidicker Acting Director, 1974-1975
James L. Patton Acting Director, 1997-2000
Craig M. Moritz Director, 2000-2012
Jimmy A. McGuire Acting Director, 2012-2013
Michael Nachman Director, 2013 – present

The Emeriti Legacy Project at UC Berkeley coordinated the oral history of key campus emeritus professors, including an interview of David Wake by Jim Patton, both emeriti and former MVZ Directors. Please see more about their interview and project here.


To highlight their contributions as well as other MVZ faculty and influential people, we have compiled short biographies
and Bill Lidicker’s recollection of the Museum Wives Group for many of the people that have been an important part of the Museum’s