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  • Specimens:
    > 14,500 specimens
    (> 600 records)


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The MVZ Fish collection was founded in 2019. It contains fluid-preserved and cleared and stained specimens. Nearly all samples are preserved to enable DNA extractions later.

The collection is commonly used for genomic sequencing, functional morphology, morphometrics, systematics, course-based undergraduate research experiences, and ecological studies using stomach contents and stable isotope analysis.

The collection is especially strong in Caribbean and West African fishes. Living collections of Cyprinodon pupfishes and Cameroon crater lake cichlids are also available.



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Garmanella pulchra, pupfish from Yucatan Peninsula
Sarotherodon lamprechti, cichlid from Cameroon
Cyprinodon desquamator, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

All photos by Chris Martin