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Understanding Evolution: Climate change causes loss of genetic diversity

Media on Grinnell Resurvey Project

Audubon, February 2021. "How Climate Change Pushes Even the Hardiest Desert Birds Past Their Limit." Hannah Waters

Audubon, March 2020. "Researchers Are Retracing the Steps of a Century-Old Expedition to See How California's Birdlife Has Changed." Hannah Waters

Scientific American, October 11, 2017. "The Ambitious Effort to Document California's Changing Deserts: Ecologists catalogue bird and mammal populations as warming transforms Death Valley." Amy Maxmen

Science Notes 2016, "Return to Death Valley" by Emily Benson, includes Slideshow "Surveying Death Valley"

UC Berkeley News Center, August 15, 2012. "Studies shed light on why species stay or go in response to climate change." Sarah Yang.

Contra Costa Times, Thursday, January 25, 2007. "Animals on the Edge". Mason Betsy.

BBC Radio Series, Original broadcast Nov-Dec 2006; rebroadcast Jan 2007. "Planet Earth Under Threat". BBC Radio 4. [Grinnell Resurvey Project mentioned in Episode 2: Life on the Move]

Berkeley Science Review, Spring 2006. "Getting back to nature: revisiting the 1914 survey of California wildlife". Erica Spotwood.

Media on Yosemite Transect

Animal Life in the Yosemite (1924)

The Orange County Register, December 2 2007. "Global Warbling". Pat Brennan.

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San Diego Union-Tribune, Wednesday, November 19, 2003. "Conservationist Grinnell accomplished but unheralded". Neal Matthews.

San Diego Union-Tribune, Wednesday, November 19, 2003. "Nature by the numbers: Survey of Yosemite wildlife draws telling comparsions with naturalist's early 20th-century journals". Neal Matthews.

Yosemite: A Journal for Members of the Yosemite Association, Fall 2003. "In the footsteps of Grinnell and Storer: Museum scientists to repeat landmark 80-year-old Yosemite wildlife survey". Robert Sanders.

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Yosemite National Park News Release, June 23, 2003. "Yosemite National Park, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology to Resurvey Grinnell Transects".

Media on Lassen Transect

Zoogoer, March-April 2007. "Past as Prologue". Mary-Russell Roberson.

New York Times, November 7, 2006. "In California, Ecologists Retrace a Pioneer's Footsteps". Amanda T. Hawn.

Chico Enterprise-Record, September 17, 2006. "Surveying for Science: Old Data Valuable to Today's Researchers". Chris Gullick.

Klamath Kaleidoscope, Spring 2006. "Grinnell Resurvey Project head to Lassen Volcanic National Park". John Perrine.