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 Mar 15, 2019  

A big thank you to all who supported the MVZ during this event! Check to see the final results across the Berkeley campus.

 Feb 14, 2019  
Campaign for Campanile Cams Can Deliver!Photo

Once a poster child for the Endangered Species Act, the Peregrine Falcon has recovered spectacularly across North America. Only two Peregrine pairs nested in California at the DDT-caused population low in 1970, and some 400+ pairs are estimated to flourish in California today. The historic MVZ egg and nest collection was one of the collections used to show that DDT caused eggshell thinning in Peregrine Falcons. Peregrines were first known to nest on the UC Berkeley Campanile in 2017, and again in 2018. These newcomers to the campus caused great excitement in the community. In 2019, MVZ worked with several departments from UC Berkeley and a team of partners (East Bay Regional Park District, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, Institute for Wildlife Studies) to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign and installed two webcams for falcon viewing on the Campanile. Crowdfunding donors were asked to submit names for the male and female: "Annie" and "Grinnell" (MVZ's founder and first Director) were the selected winners. Follow the Cal Falcons and webcams at

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