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 Nov 16, 2018  
New Resident Director at Hastings

Please welcome Jen Hunter, the new Resident Director at Hastings Natural History Reservation.

We are very excited for Jen to join the MVZ Community!

Read official announcement here

 Oct 12, 2018  
Help get up Close and Personal with UC’s Nesting Peregrine Falcons!Photo

We're crowdfunding a dedicated webcam system for UC's Campanile Peregrines. We need your help to advance our understanding of the world's fastest birds which have started to make the Campanile their home. In 2017, a pair of falcons hatched and raised two nestlings – later named after Berkeley’s motto in a campus-wide competition – Fiat and Lux. In 2018 we installed a permanent nest shelf on the Campanile for the falcons, which paid off when they successfully raised 3 nestlings! The 2018 nestlings were named in a campus-wide competition after three elements discovered at UC Berkeley, Berkelium, Californium and Lawrencium. All three juveniles learned to fly quickly and eventually left campus, with Lawrencium, the juvenile female, seen in the fall of 2018 at the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory in the Marin Headlands!

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