Herp Group

IB 234 Seminar on Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles (a.k.a. Herp Group) is a graduate-level seminar series based on current and recent herpetological research. We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2019! Each meeting typically begins with a review of recent publications followed by a presentation or led discussion by a participant or invited guest. Presentation of works in progress and research plans for comment is encouraged. Advanced undergraduates wishing to take the course for credit should ask before signing up; all are welcome to attend meetings.

We are meeting in hybrid mode again this semester. We hope to see you here in person but want to accommodate as many people as possible so are offering the option of remote attendance as well.
In person: please come to 3101 Valley Life Sciences Bldg at 5:00 PM to be admitted. Zoom links will follow. 24 August 2022

See the previous semester schedule.

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