Prospective Graduate Students

MVZ 2018 Retreat – UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens

Graduate students in the MVZ typically receive their degrees through the Department of Integrative Biology (IB) or the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM). Information for prospective students (e.g., application and admissions procedures) can be found on the websites of the departments.

Students who are working with Faculty Curators are automatically admitted to the MVZ and are housed in offices adjacent to faculty offices within the MVZ. Students who are working with Affiliated Faculty may be nominated in their second or later year to become an Affiliated Student. Nominations come from the student’s advisor and must include (1) a letter of support, (2) the student’s CV, (3) a one-page statement from the student indicating their interest in the MVZ and plans to contribute to the MVZ, and (4) a one-page research statement. These materials should be sent to the MVZ Director, Michael Nachman.

MVZ students have access to all of the Museum facilities and resources, including research and conference support. Financial support for students is through fellowships, Graduate Student Instructorships, or Graduate Student Researcher positions.

Prospective graduate students interested in applying to the IB or ESPM and Museum programs should contact individual Faculty members directly to discuss their goals and prospects.