Established in 1908 through the vision and endowment initiated by Annie Alexander, the MVZ has become a leader in research and education on vertebrate diversity and the steward of one of the premier collections in the United States. To sustain our leadership in discovery and understanding of vertebrate diversity, and to protect the collection for future generations, we depend on donations. Any gifts, large or small, make a difference.

Our core needs are:

  • To develop and protect the collections
  • To continue developing informatics tools both to enhance our research and to share the knowledge derived from our research
  • To develop our capacity to apply new tools from genomics to long-standing questions about the evolution and dynamics of vertebrate diversity
  • To support student education, including access to our collections and facilities by researchers from developing countries
  • To protect and develop the Hastings Reserve as a site for long-term research on ecological and evolutionary dynamics of vertebrate populations

Friends of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Make a gift

If you are considering a large-scale gift, please contact the Director, Dr. Michael Nachman, at